Competition Team


Diamond Gymnastics Competitive Program was created to allow athletes the opportunity to enjoy competitive gymnastics while also enjoying what comes with being a child.  We strive to assist our athletes in finding the right balance between school, practice time, competitions, extracurricular activities, a social life and family time.  Diamond offers a highly competitive USAIGC Program from Copper 2 level through Silver.  Athletes are required to be 6 years of age to be eligible to compete by USAIGC rules and can continue with the program through high school.  We offer a practice schedule which, although not flexible, a very manageable schedule for all athletes regardless of age.  Athletes will practice 3 days per week spanning over 9-11 hours in a week.  Athletes can/will be offered additional practice hours during pre-season, add-on private lesson options and summer intensive camps to accelerate their skill set over the year.  We offer a competitive season with 6-8 competitions which spans from December to May and will require parental attendance, travel time and/or weekend commitments.  Athletes are required to have all necessary attire including competition leotard, competition warm up and practice leotards.

We understand that all athletes should be well balanced, however there is a level of commitment to our program that we also expect from our athletes and families.  Athletes participating in our Competitive Team Programs are expected to put Diamond as their first priority amongst their other extracurricular activities.  This means no athlete should commit themselves to another Pre or Competitive Program outside of Gymnastics.  Recreational activities such as school basketball, recreational soccer, dance classes or after school clubs are allowed and encouraged, however Gymnastics practices should not be missed for any of these extracurricular activities.  We expect our athletes to miss the last 15 minutes of dance/soccer to ensure they make Diamond practices on time. 
Athletes are required to regularly attend all practices scheduled.  There are no makeups or refunds for missed practice and practice times are subject to change based on staffing availability, competitive schedule and/or unforeseen circumstances.  If your athlete will be missing any practices our coaching staff and/or desk staff should be notified.  Athletes who miss 4 or more practices of the 12 scheduled practices per month on Team can/will be asked to return to the Recreational Program.  Injury and/or illness not included and doctors notes are required.