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Diamond training for all levels

Novice I
Girls only! The Novice Program is broken down into specific skill sets that must be mastered in order to move up to the next level. Building on the previous level, these classes are designed to push athletes to achieve excellence at even the most basic skill level. Gymnasts will continue to excel in everything from flexibility, strength, and skill progression on gender appropriate events.

Novice I Expectations:

Forward Rolls
Backward Rolls
High beam walking
Jump to support forward roll
Squat on
All jumps on trampoline
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Novice II (Evaluations Required)
Building on the core skills from Novice I, this class takes the next step into more complex skills on each event. Strength and flexibility become more important as skill level advances. Athletes may spend more time on drills to accomplish these skills as well as repetition to master them. Review and practice of Novice I skills is also a part of this class.

Novice II Expectations:

Handstand bridge stand up
Backbend bridge kick over
Wall pullover
Walking, jumping and kicking on beam
Forward roll vault

Novice III (Evaluations Required)
– Building on Novice II skills, this class introduces some of the skills necessary for a competitive athlete. Athletes will spend time on new skills as well as drills. Each athlete will be expected to perfect form and technique.

Novice III Expectations:

Front/Back walkover
Barrel back handspring
Running roundoff
Punch Pullover
Intro handstands on beam
Handstand flat back vault

Intermediate (Evaluations Required)
Extended practice time! Class duration becomes 1.5 hours with a more intensive warm up, conditioning and overall training program. Athletes will train skills that are considered competitive level and begin putting together skills and mini routines. Intermediate level athletes are eligible for selection for our invite only Pre-Team program.

Intermediate Expectations:

Back/Front handspring
Mini routine on bars
Handstand on beam
Low beam cartwheels
Front handspring vault

Advanced (Evaluations Required)
This 1.5 hour class is for all athletes who are tumbling, twisting and beyond! Our most advanced athletes in our recreational program will enjoy both the training of a team athlete mixed with the freedom to excel at their own pace. Required to maintain the skills achieved in the Intermediate program, athletes can now expand their skill set on each event at a rate that is most comfortable for them!

Private Instruction
Private and Semi Private instruction is also available to help athletes advance.

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Private Instruction

Dedicated training for maximum results! Diamond Gymnastics offers Private Instruction. Inquire via email today.

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Birthdays at Diamond

Celebrate with Diamond! Offering children’s birthday hangouts beginning at age 5, Diamond is the perfect way to celebrate for all ages.

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Holiday Camps

Diamond Gymnastics offers a ton of half day & full day camp options throughout the school year and during school snow days to make your children’s time off both fun and easy for you!

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