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Mom & Me I (1 adult per child on the floor): 15 months – 2 years 6 months

This 45 minute adult assisted class is geared to teach our youngest gymnasts the foundations of the sport! Adult participation is required in this structured class as your tiniest athlete learns all the basics. Adults and children can run, jump, roll and climb throughout the facility together, exploring all surfaces and apparatuses. Activities like stretching, jumping, swinging and rolling are just a few things you can expect your child to learn in this fun and exploratory class. Class requires a high level of activity for participating adult.

Mom & Me II (1 adult per child on the floor): 2 years 6 months – 3 years 6 months

This 45 minute adult assisted class is designed to expand on your gymnast’s exploration of the facility and to take their gross motor skills to the next level. Adult participation is required in this structured class, which works to increase children’s total body strength, balance, coordination and awareness. Becoming more independent and learning to navigate the facility, athletes will continue to work basics skills like jumping, climbing, balancing, swinging and tumbling.

3 years 6 months – 5 years (NEW age extension)

Flying solo! This 45 minute unassisted class is for children who are able to navigate the gym on their own with the guidance of their instructor. This class is designed to build on gross motor skills, while utilizing every piece of equipment in the facility. Navigating circuits by themselves and following instructions is a key part of this class as children expand on their basic skills knowledge.

4 – 5 years

Graduating to the full hour class, children will continue working on fine motor skills as well as begin to strengthen core skills. The mixed gender class is designed to expand your preschooler’s knowledge on each event more specifically while remaining fun and upbeat! Learning everything from proper stretching, strength and skill progression, children will be geared towards our Novice or Boys program. This program is designed to help develop children’s coordination, strength and body awareness.

* Children ages 4 years old can choose between the 45 minute class or the 1 hour class (price is the same).

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Private Instruction

Dedicated training for maximum results! Diamond Gymnastics offers Private Instruction. Inquire via email today.

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Birthdays at Diamond

Celebrate with Diamond! Offering children’s birthday hangouts beginning at age 5, Diamond is the perfect way to celebrate for all ages.

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Holiday Camps

Diamond Gymnastics offers a ton of half day & full day camp options throughout the school year and during school snow days to make your children’s time off both fun and easy for you!

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