Competition Team

We are so excited to leap into our first competition season!  This will be Diamond Hoboken’s inaugural competition season!  We couldn’t be more proud of this group of girls blazing the trail for our competitive team program.  We hand selected this group and invited them to begin our competitive team in June of 2015.  These girls came from our recreational program and have been stand out athletes with us since we opened our doors in the spring of 2014.

  All of these athletes put in a full year in our Pre-Team program working 4 hours a week to learn just what it takes to begin their careers as competitive gymnasts.  After the first year of practice, strength, flexibility and skill tests and monitoring their progression over the year, athletes were invited to being their journey onto our Competitive Team.  Their work ethic, enthusiasm and overall dedication to their sport is extraordinary!  As this was an Olympic year you could see just how excited the girls were to begin this season.  Watching the Olympics was a great way for the girls to better understand competition as a whole as well as a great motivational tool.

  Working towards our competition season which will begin in January, our girls are practicing 3 days a week mastering their routines on all four events.  All athletes will compete statewide against teams from the tri-state area.  We are excited to be participating in the USAIGC program and look forward to a successful year!